Danny's Story

On March 3rd, 2023, while on-duty at our Chicago Station, Danny went into cardiac arrest.

Danny Neczek is a skilled EMT, Operations Supervisor, and 20-year vetertan at MedEx Ambulance.
On the evening of March 3rd, during the National Employee Appreciation Day celebration at MedEx’s South Base, Danny suffered a sudden cardiac arrest.  While the team was enjoying pizza, the unexpected happened.
Thankfully, Danny was in the company of five EMTs and three Paramedics.  The MedEx team sprang into action, administering resuscitative measures for a staggering 22 minutes before successfully bringing Danny back to life. Rushed to the University of Illinois Hospital, Danny was placed in a hypothermic coma.
Against all odds, 10 days later, Danny was discharged from the hospital with NO lasting effects from the incident.  Today, he’s not just back to active duty but serves as a living testament to the crucial work that EMS professionals do every single day. 
Danny’s remarkable recovery is a powerful reminder of the resilience and dedication within the EMS community.  Let’s celebrate Danny’s journey and honor the incredible work of all EMS professionals and specifallicaly those that helped Danny:
Willie Birden, CCEMT-P
Gordon Davis, EMT-P
Andrew Durham, EMT-P
Brian Glad, EMT-B
Langston White, EMT-B
Nashita Patel, EMT-B
Kayla Howard, EMT-B
Katja Mestrom, EMT-B
Jasper Johnson, EMT-B
Laura Wagner, Operations Supervisor
Kevin Hahn, Operations Manager
Joe Elkin, Risk Manager