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“Believing you can do something better, and then giving your heart and soul to prove you’re right is what drives most entrepreneurs. We worked 24/7 to make MedEx a success.”

— Lauren Rubinson

Lauren Rubinson - Chief Executive Officer

Congratulations to Lauren on receiving the Vanguard Award from the American Ambulance Association (AAA) in 2023! This recognition underscores her significant contributions as a pioneer for women in Emergency Medical Services (EMS). It is a testament to her dedication and leadership in the field.

Lauren’s recognition as one of the most influential women in EMS worldwide by EMS-1 Magazine in 2016 highlights her exceptional impact and influence on the industry. Her partnership with the University of Chicago Aeromedical Network to develop advanced ambulance technology for communication between airborne helicopters and ground ambulances demonstrates her commitment to innovation and patient care.

Lauren’s involvement in professional organizations such as the AAA and the Illinois State Ambulance Association (ISAA) showcases her active engagement in advancing the field of EMS. Serving on the AAA Nominating Committee reflects her commitment to shaping the future of the industry by identifying and supporting qualified candidates.

It’s evident that Lauren has a remarkable track record of leadership, philanthropy, and dedication to healthcare. Her accolades and involvement in various organizations highlight her significant contributions and influence, both in EMS and the broader healthcare community.

In 2023 Lauren received the Vangaurd Award from the AAA recognizing her work as a pioneer for women in EMS.

Michael Pieroni - Chief Operating Officer

Welcome to Medical Express Ambulance Service. We at MedEx are blessed to work with the very best and most compassionate caregiving team around. As an organization, our work plays a vital role in the healthcare system. As providers, we make a difference in the lives of our patients and their families. The time with our patients can be measured in minutes, while the memory of the care and compassion we deliver lasts forever.

Since beginning my EMS career in Chicago back in the 1980s, I have always taken the time to evaluate any situation, formulate a plan, and “do the right thing.”

As part of the Executive Leadership Team, I assist Lauren in fostering a culture that actively seeks out “the right thing to do.” It is not always easy, it may demand exceptional effort, but we will always try to do what is RIGHT. By prioritizing ongoing training, we ensure that our team is prepared to handle any situation that comes their way. Continuous improvement is essential in the field of emergency medical services, as it ensures that we are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to provide the highest level of care.
It is my honor to lead this wonderful team and support all those we serve.

I’m happy to assist you in any way I can. If you have any questions or if there’s anything specific you’d like to discuss, feel free to let me know.


“Believing you can do something better, and then giving your heart and soul to prove you’re right is what drives most entrepreneurs. We worked 24/7 to make MedEx a success.”

— Lauren Rubinson

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Success Starts With Profound Leadership

Lauren Rubinson- Morris 

Chief Executive Officer

Michael F. Pieroni

Chief Operating Officer

Louis Flowers

Financial Controller

Ann Brandl

Director of Patient Accounts

Barb Weintraub

Director of Critical Care

Connie Watts

Assistant Director of Critical Care

Kevin Hahn

Operations Manager

Joe Elkin

Risk Manager & Safety

Gloria Watts

Communications Center Manager

Laurel Giger

Communications Center Manager

Jim Boyer

Scheduling Manager

Jackie Brooks

EMS Educator & Recruiter

Josh Alger

Account Executive

Scott McCarthy

Logistics Coordinator

Richard Wilford

Billing Manager

Michael Orze

IT Manager

Operations Supervisors

The Driving Forces Behind MedEx

Christopher Coady

Eric Rodriguez

Daniel Neczek

James Thompson

Laura Wagner

Andrew Hulsey

Medical Director

MedEx is a member of the St. Francis Hospital Emergency Medical Services (EMS) System. St. Francis has been an EMS resource hospital for more than 4 decades, representing 7 communities, 3 private providers and 2 non-transport agencies. Since 1974, their program has been dedicated to providing high-quality pre-hospital education, including Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)-Paramedic Training and continuing education for EMTs and Paramedics.

Jeremy Lott, DO

Contact for Region 10:
Sara Van Dusseldorp, CCP, NRP, LI, NCEE
Manager of Emergency Services, EMS System Coordinator and Paramedic Program Director

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